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WINNERS - Youth Green Awards

City of Belmont recognise individuals who have shown leadership in local environmental initiatives over the past year. This year, Mayor Marks presented the Youth Green Awards to Hannah Hollingsworth, Yunisi Guya, Krystalea Cross and Jillian Price, and congratulated them for being "fantastic role models in our community".

Hannah created a website to inform the community about the flora and fauna at Signal Hill, and was commended for her dedication to educating others on the importance of protecting the City's local ecology.

Ms Guya, Ms Cross and Ms Price were commended for their initiative to increase recycling at the Base@Belmont. They used Containers for Change program to recycle and raise funds for charities working in the climate, environmental and sustainability sector. They also arranged for sunflowers to be planted to help remove toxins from the soil and beautify the garden at the Base.

Belmont Youth Green Awards
(Photo City of Belmont) Mayor Marks presents: Hannah Hollingsworth, Yunisi Guya, Krystalea Cross and Jillian Price.

Yunisi Guya with her award.

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