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Tree Canopy Conference at Curtin

As we went to print this month, a conference is underway at Curtin to discuss ways to improve our tree canopy across Perth. It has been put on by the WA Local Government Association (WALGA), with experts from around the country looking for strategies to improve our tree canopy, which is the worst of the Australian capital cities.

Mayor Karen Vernon said clearing on private land was undoing the heavy lifting being done by local government to improve canopy. She said protection of trees on private land could be achieved through government laws.

At a time when NSW has put aside $60m to improve the canopy in Greater Sydney, WA has yet to get the right planning mechanisms in place to stop the decline of tree canopy across the whole Perth Metropolitan area.

We can all start improving our tree canopy by valuing the trees we have, and recognise that they are important to the liveability of our suburbs.

BRRAG will be putting a proposal to Council about the low number of street trees throughout Belmont. Much like other council areas, they are requesting our Council take verge trees seriously and make them mandatory. Every street has one side without powerlines, and these at least need to be planted up, until such times as we get underground power. Power lines are detrimental to our canopy as trees need to be constantly pruned for safety. More next month.

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