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St. Maria Goretti's Catholic School ART EXHIBITION

Just before the end of the school year last year, we were invited to see the student's artwork at St Maria Goretti Catholic School Art Exhibition.

We know this was back in December, but we wanted to bring your attention to the beautiful artwork the students there are creating. The school has a before-school pottery program, where students are making beautiful pieces on pottery wheels (left), glazing and firing them.

We awarded the Belmont Chronicle Award to our favourite painting, an abstract oil on canvas by Lila. We love it's beautiful autumnal colours, it makes us dream of banksia, our favourite Australian flower.

Thank you Miss Ford, you inspire your students to be wonderfully creative! This was our favourite outing of the year, and I'm looking forward to visiting again this year!

Art St Maria Goretti Exhibition school painting
Miss Ford and some of the student's artwork.

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