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Redcliffe Ghosts

The state of the art Redcliffe Railway station and bus terminus is certainly a magnificent looking complex, with regular trains to the city and airport, and buses every few minutes. It boasts car parking for 500 cars along with parking for 28 motor bikes and eighty bicycles. When on the several occasions I visited there were only about 30 cars, no motorbikes and two bicycles on about a hectare of bitumen. One could ask why a motorcyclist would stop here, just 8kms from the city, then travel by train dressed in their leathers. Empty buses ghosted in and out every two or three minutes, very few passengers appeared to get on or off, the only bus that seemed to occasionally have passengers was the station to airport terminal 3-4 link.  During ‘rush hour’ a trickle of students from various schools around Perth seemed to be using the station the most.  Although station staff assured me that it gets busy in bursts. A quick trip on the train to High Wycombe station at least showed the three level car park full at ground level and a quarter full on the first floor, but again a fleet of ghost buses.

Some passengers were delighted with the facility –

“ I get the train from Joondalup and then the airport bus link to work. It’s far better than using my car in all that peak hour traffic, and of course I don’t have to pay for parking", said Trainee flight attendant Natalie Wiles.

“It’s excellent, I get the train from High Wycombe to Redcliffe then a 940 bus which comes along every five minutes or so, and drops me off outside St Johns in Belmont”, said Ian Taylor, who works for St Johns.

Some were scathing because of the cancellation of the direct number 36 Midland to Perth bus -

Samantha Martin, a cleaner, said “I used to get the 7-30 am number 36 bus from Midland to Rivervale every day for over a year, it only took about half an hour.  Now it takes more than an hour because I have to change buses and wait at Redcliffe. Now I have to leave home at 6.45am to get to work on time”

Seamus Quilty, a tradesman, said "It’s ridiculous, I used to get the number 36 bus from Woodbridge to Belmont, a 20 minute ride. Now I have to change buses at Redcliffe and wait, or alternatively get the train to Bayswater and wait for 998 bus that drops me off more than a kilometre from home in Ascot”. 

Stories & Photos Bruce Hunt.

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