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Recycling Milestone for Belmont

Belmont recyclers have been putting Western Australia's Containers for Change project to good use. At the end of last year, they reached a huge milestone- 30 million bottles and cans recycled through the Belmont Recycling Centre.

This means that $3 million in refunds have gone straight into the pockets of local individuals and local communities, including charities, schools and not-for-profit organisations.

For every container returned, recyclers can choose to keep the 10 cent refund, or donate it to one of the fundraising groups through Containers for Change.

Stage 2 of WA's plastics ban will be phased in over the next year, starting Feb 1. This includes cotton buds (plastic shafts), degradable plastic, EPS (foam cups and food trays etc), takeaway coffee cups, cup lids, lids for takeaway containers and bowls.

The 20 million bottles recycled equates to:

17.62 million litres of water being saved,

129,000kgs of waste material saved from landfill

3.9 Megajoules of energy saved

360,000kg CO2 emissions being cut.

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