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People: Tanya's Terrariums

Tanya’s interest in Terrariums started when she was just a child, and she spent time at her auntie’s place, which had large terrariums in coffee tables. She remembers as a child she used to sit nose pressed to the glass looking in, and it was "just magic".

She has always been a gardener and loves plants. A single mother of 3, she was looking around for something that may make her a few extra dollars and began to make succulent bowls. However with a change of employment to working with special needs and youth in residential care, she found her mental health suffering with stress related anxiety.

This is where she turned her hand to terrariums as a practice of mindfulness and peace. “Getting my hands into the soil and touching the plants grounded me, it was relaxing, and I found it took away the anxiety and worry I was struggling with.”

 She has a space and runs workshops at the Oats Street Collective in Carlisle, usually on Saturday or Sunday, lasting 2 hours for $90. Everything is provided so that you can go home with your own terrarium and instructions on how to take care of it. You’ll catch her at the Oats Street Collective for advice most Tuesday mornings.

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