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More Days for Girls

Volunteering is something many of us with spare time like to do, and this month we’re talking to local volunteer Kathryn, about her work with the charity Days for Girls.

Kathryn works at the Belmont City College, but with some time on her hands, she was searching for something with a purpose, when she found the Forrestfield Days for Girls group.

Days for Girls is a charity which focuses on providing washable menstrual kits and education for girls around the world. “Days” refers to the days women and girls around the world cannot attend school because they have no effective way of managing their period. Days for Girls is changing that.

Kathryn likes working with the group because not only does it have purpose, but it’s something she can do in her own time and pace, there are no set hours she has to commit to. She sews at home, but she also loves to catch up with the group each fortnight as it’s a social catch-up with other volunteers, all working together to a common goal – helping others.

Kathryn is also involved with “Sewing for Charity”, which make dolls for foster kids, especially indigenous kids. During the first year of covid she became involved in “get Scrubbed WA”, where they sewed washable scrub hats, wash bags and more, for our health workers.

She’s always on the lookout for fabric, cottons, and hotel toiletries. Days for Girls uses the small soaps, if DfG can’t use them, she passes them on to charities that can.

Kathryn is someone who helps others, and after her charity volunteering, and the after-school tutoring she does, I asked her what she does with her own time. She tells me she has a foster cat at the moment who’ll be looking for a permanent home soon…

If you have fabric scraps and left overs, cottons, soaps, new washers or new girls knickers, give her a call, she’s happy to collect! 0400 699 337. If you’re not a sewer, there are still plenty of things you can help with – packing kits, ironing, cutting, and lots more! You can email the Forrestfield group at for information.

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