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MILESTONES: Sachin Kalale

19 March 2023 sees 14 year old Sachin Kalale playing his 150th game for Ascot Junior Cricket Club, the first in the club to ever to reach that milestone. It was possible because most seasons he plays games in a couple of different age groups.

Sachin started playing the game when he was just 5 years old with Ascot Blasters (program designed to teach cricketing skills to younger children), before competing in Junior Cricket at 7 years old.

"I love having the chance to score runs and hit boundaries", he said.

"I just want to keep playing cricket when I grow up."

Sachin loves to score runs most of all, but his stats show he's an all-rounder. Usually as fast bowler, he's just started to learn to spin, and took 4 wickets last weekend.

Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement, Sachin!

We'll leave you with his statistics with Ascot Club Junior Cricket Club:

Matches: 149 (the 150th is just about to begin this morning)

Highest Score 105

Best bowling 4-12


Runs 2341

Innings 145

Average 33.93

100's 1

50's 4

Ducks 5


Overs 408

Maidens 28

Runs 1603

Wickets 88

Average 18.22

Economy Rate 3.93


22 catches

5 stumpings

Left to Right: Coach Suresh Akkinapalli, President Peter Poli, Sachin, Blasters Coordinator Simone Northcott, Sachin in his 50 match hat, Sachin accepting his 100 match hat.

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