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King's Letter

Our local centenarian, Peggy, was surprised and happy to receive birthday wishes from the King and Camilla this month.

Peggy turned 100 on 18 December, and she was surprised to get her letter emblazoned with a photo of the King and Camilla. After a lifetime with the Queen, it was a surprise.

Peggy moved from Wannamal to a small property on Belmont Avenue, when she was just 8 years old, with her father and siblings.

The day the war ended, Peggy married her first husband, and they built their house on Keane Street, where she remained for about 60 years, until moving to Faulkner Park Village.

Peggy was married twice, and had 5 daughters.

She was always good at sport, and excelled at netball (pictured front with the ball - "all of us lived on Belmont Avenue!"). It runs in the family - her granddaughter, Jessica Anstiss, is Vice Captain with the West Coast Fever.

"I love sport, I just watch it on the TV now", she laughed.

Peggy always loved to play sports. Starting with netball, as she got older she moved into bowls and darts. She loves to watch all sport on the tv now, including the cricket, billiards, the Tour de France, football - "All the sports!", she says.
Peggy, in the front with the ball, and her netball team.

Peggy with the letter from the King and Camilla.

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