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International Women's Day: Cross Cultural Event at the Victoria Park Community Centre.

Victoria Park Community Centre (VPCC), with the Muslim Women's Support Centre of WA, put on an informal morning of culture, food, conversation, storytelling and music for all. The morning was booked out and a resounding success. The women who organised it, and those who attended, had a fabulous morning:

""I absolutely loved the ladies' pride in their culture and willingness to share it with others", and "This was culturally enriching, the food was wonderful, and it improved my understanding of different cultures and religions", summed up the feel of the morning.

There were women there from many countries including Syria, Egypt, Somalia, Singapore, Iraq, Türkiye and Jordan, and they all brought at least one national dish for all to share. The informal event allowed people to meet new friends, to ask questions and try all of the food.

Julianne Mackay, VPCC manager, described the event as a great success. "We've been working with the Muslim women since October, to hold this event and they did an amazing job! It was a joy to see so many people here enjoying each other's company".

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