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International Women's Day: Afghan Women

The women of WA's Afghan community came together to celebrate IWD for the first time this year.

On display were the traditions and culture of Afghan women, and some of the traditional dresses were breathtakingly beautiful. The true stars of the night, though, were the professional Afghan women and those with traditional wisdom who came together to present their stories, and inspire the audience.

The memories of Afghan women who were killed during the war were honoured, their bravery and courage were celebrated with heartfelt emotion. There was sadness that Afghan girls and women are now being denied education.

The photo on the front page is Maria Sultani, who was just recently in Afghanistan. She noted 40 years of war can destroy her homeland, but it cannot destroy the culture and the people. "Everyone has a story of pain, and a story of how they overcame that pain to create something better."

Meredith Hammat (MLA) addressed the women present. "Looking now to the women in Iran, Afghanistan, and recently the US, they serve as a stark reminder to us all to remain vigilant, to fight to retain the rights and advances we have made.

"We have been shown that they are easily removed. The improvements hard won by women are always in danger of being taken away."

The evening was filled with joy, celebration, hope for the future, and the power of community. The importance of unity in the face of adversity. It was a testament to the strength and resilience of the Afghan community in WA, and an honest, kind, and graceful celebration of the women who continue to inspire and lead the way.

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