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Foodie Review with Marie Delcos

This month, Marie had brekkie at 8 yolks in Belmont....

For years, my breakfast (I use this term loosely, which I’m sure would appease most nutritionists) has consisted of a mug of tea with several squares of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. It’s unpretentious, comforting, something to savour alone or with others. Only under very special circumstances will I deviate from this morning tradition and dine out for breakfast – and that I did at 8 Yolks.

Located at the corner of Ruth Faulkner Library and Belmont Museum, 8 Yolks is an airy breakfast/lunch spot apt for even the grouchiest of Sunday goers. Its expansive interior, dotted with green foliage and light wooden accents, is a welcome change from the hipster-bearing cafes of late.

A sizable list of breakfast and beverage options is available, satisfying the hungover (dare we suggest a breakfast martini?) to the fresh-faced (you can add a scoop of protein powder into your smoothie for an additional $2).

When ordering, we made sure to leave no (dietary) stone unturned–shakshuka comprising a trio of beans, chorizo and an egg in a tomato ragout; buttery pancakes drizzled with palm syrup and complemented with vanilla custard, blueberry compote and pear; and croquettes served with smoked salmon, a poached egg and topped with hollandaise and crispy capers.

8 Yolks is precisely what you’d expect (and want) from your local hang: it’s unpretentious and comforting, a popular gem even the pickiest of eaters can find solace in.

8 Yolks is at the Belmont Hub, Cloverdale. Open weekdays 7-2pm, weekends 8-2.30pm Photos: Salmon Croquettes, Pancakes.

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