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Dancing for Joy - Owlkeyme

OwlKeyMe is a Not-for-Profit organisation, working to create happy young people here in Belmont and Vic Park.

The founder of Owlkeyme, Lamb (Nicole), met with me to tell me about the work they are doing.

Lamb grew up here in Belmont, and after travelling for many years, she’s come back here to work with local kids. Lamb’s father still lives here, so it is a coming home for her.

Owlkeyme has been around now for 10 years, working with teenagers, encouraging them to get to where they want to be, to work out what it is that they want in life, and provide the tools to do that in the world.

“We’re not here to tear them away from a system,” Lamb explains, “we just show some guidance for them to find our where their heart really is, to help them find their role in life.”

Lamb has been a dance and yoga teacher for many years, much of that time working in schools with young people. She found there were many young people looking for outlets and pathways to improve their mental health and find purpose.

Owlkeyme do workshops for positive mental health. They intertwine the positive impacts of moving your body with yoga and dance, and they encourage positive messages and talking openly about mental health. The provide Alcohol and Drug counselling, Mental Health and focus on Self healing through Yoga, Dance and Wellness Sessions.

Dance workshops facilitate everything else, “We encourage our young people to express themselves through dance. It’s something they look forward to, and something to be a part of. We encourage positive relationships, and our volunteers have a wide range of qualifications including counselling and psychology.”

The dance groups perform for street parties, festivals and arts programs. They are looking forward to working with City of Belmont this year, in one of the many festivals we have here throughout the year.

“We create a safe space for our young people to express themselves. We have a teeshirt printing shop, where we encourage them to design, create, and then leave with an end product.”

They also print small runs of teeshirts for local businesses. This is one of their income streams to continue to provide free services for their young people.

“It’s cost effective for small businesses, and it’s a project of purpose for us.”

Yoga classes also help to keep them going.

All of this magic happens at Canvas, the space behind the Oats Street Collective in Carlisle.

The programs are free, the timetables for the year are put out on social media -

FaceBook: OWLKEYME, Website, Insta: @owlkeyme. All young people are welcome to join the program.

I can tell you about it, but better than that, I can share with you the obvious joy in these pictures.

Photos: Ettridge Creations

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