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Cop of the Year

Local Belmont Sergeant Trisha Stjepic, has been awarded the Police Officer of the Year, at the end of last year.

"It was an enormous surprise", she said, “and not least because there are usually rumours and leaks – but not this time!”

The award recognises and acknowledges police officers who individually demonstrate excellence in their service to the people and State of Western Australia. Trisha received multiple nominations for her outstanding commitment to leadership, operational demands, and cultivating a strong community safety focus.

Trisha said she just decided to be a police officer when she was in her final year at school. And describing herself as stubborn, she said once she made the decision, it was as good as done.

A couple of months after graduating school, she saw an advertisement for police cadets, and she joined. It was the first intake of cadets in several years, and came at the perfect time for her. From there, she joined the Police when she turned eighteen. After basic training, Trisha left for her first posting in South Hedland for two and a half years.

After working in South Hedland, she moved through the regional investigations unit, Cannington and Armadale detectives, several other stations, and now fifteen years later, we are lucky to have her working here in Belmont.

“It’s a busy station, but I love the challenge”, she said.

"Every day is different."

Trisha is involved in sport both at work, and outside of it. She leads the WA Women’s Police Football Team, the Quokkas, and was the runner up in the Overall Best and Fairest in last year’s National Competition in Melbourne.

Outside of work, Trisha likes to run and she has competed in marathons all over the world – France, Berlin, Chicago, New York, Boston, London, Queenstown, Singapore, and around Australia. It may be easier to say where she hasn’t run a marathon – Queensland. Right now, when she's not working, she is training for the Tokyo Marathon, which will be held on March 5.

Trisha with her award and husband Doug Stjepic.

Trisha on duty at the Belmont Racecourse stables.

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