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Bollywood in Belmont!

The WA Sikh Women's Alliance Network (SWAN) held a Women's Cross Cultural Celebration at Christmas in conjunction with Umbrella, the City of Belmont and Khalsa Club WA. It was a celebration of cultural diversity, with the aim of promoting understanding for harmony and growth in our community - and what could be more harmonious than music and food?

We were served up a wonderful Punjabi meal, with chai tea and sweets. Along the way we played Punjabi bingo and learned to make chapati from scratch (it was easy!).

The party was also attended by Mayor Marks (City of Belmont), Councillor Shen Sekhon (Canning), and the Wadumbah Aboriginal Dance Group, who opened celebrations with dancing and noongar stories. A Giddha traditional folk dance performance was breathtaking, and by the end of the party, it was dancing and joy, with a backdrop of the brilliant colours of the saris, the Indian music, the feeling of community and celebrations with friends both old and new. "It's just like a Bollywood party!", I heard someone exclaim. And it really was.

Siobhan dancing traditional Giddha dance.

Sikh women's network alliance, Umbrella, Multicultural, Wadumbah
Mayor Marks, Councillor Shen Sekhon (Canning) second from Left, and the Wadumbah Aboriginal Dance Group.

Evelyn, from the Multicultural Village Hub, and Siobhan.

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