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Belmont City College students paint Police Station Walls.

In November, Belmont City College students paid a visit to the Belmont Police Station, where their artworks have been hung after OIC Chris Hannan mentioned to our local artists at the school that he had some spare walls in the new Station.

Krystal, first photo below, is next to her award winning Year 12 artwork, which is hung outside his office.

Alyssa is pictured next with her artwork and Shay, a new officer who went to BCC herself.

Hermione, pictured last, is the only indigenous student in the photos, and she wants to be a police officer when she finishes school, and has done for a long time. She is from Beagle Bay (way up north) and is part of the Nyul Nyul and Bardi tribes.

Our Police have a long history of engagement with BCC, which has strengthened now that the new station is operational, and the officers are back on location again.

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